Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another One Is Taken

God has another angel
He carried her away
He met her as she left us
To help her find her way

She is up there playing
With her cousin and her brother
Who also went to heaven
She is cared for by my mother

She and dad are keeping them company
Until my journey ends
To join them in the afterlife
Where hurts heal and sorrow mends

Until that time I'll hold my kids
And help them to go on
To love them and to guide them
Both my daughter-in-law and son.

Lord you've given us three and taken the same
I don't claim to understand
But it isn't my right to question
Still I'm needing your helping hand

Dry my tears and theirs away
Give solace to our soul
Help us to grieve and to believe
Make faith our primary goal

To my son and Daughter-in-law and the little angel they lost.  They names her Anna Marie.

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