Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Was It Ever Truly Mine?


I sit in the dark contemplating life’s complexities
Wondering why, if we are each given the gift of life
That we allow someone else the privilege
To control and dictate how we will live that life.
Weren’t they given their own to do with as they please?
Why then do they feel the need to have mine also?
Why do they feel that my very existence was put here to serve only them?
That without them, I would have no life at all.
At what point did I decide that it was ok for them to take it?
Was this a conscious decision on my part?
That my wishes and dreams counted for nothing,
That my needs and my opinions no longer mattered.
How many people will I give this power to in one lifetime?
There were my parents and my siblings while I lived at home.
Soon appeared the schools and the churches with their principled rules;
The bosses, the nuns and the occasional lover.
I then married; adding a husband, the kids and a dog.
Then the in-laws, the out-laws, the neighborhood broods
My children found partners and soon they had kids
And I lay here and I ponder; would I have a change a thing?

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