Monday, November 18, 2013

The Picnic of Living

Life was never meant to be a fairytale
But rather a copulation of incidents
That improves our knowledge base
By creating experiences to learn from

Life is more like a picnic
Good food, entertaining company
A soft blanket, sunshine and a cool breeze
Making a perfectly planned day to enjoy

But with each picnic a few blips must enter
No equation is precise when there are variables
Insects invade; ants swarm as well as bees
Flies in the fruit and sticks and stones beneath the rug

Then there is the picnic when nothing goes right
You brought the food but not the drinks
A storm brews over the lake blowing a cold breeze
Bringing with it a drenching downpour in its wake

Life is only what you make of each experience
Laugh in the face of adversity but cry when you must
Regroup when plans change or life takes a sudden dive
Plan for tomorrow but don’t forget today

Play in the rain when life sends you a storm
Study the flowers that entice the bees to roam
Clean away the sticks and stones that block your daily paths
Drink the wine of life that brings passions to your soul

Give freely of yourself but take time relax
Work hard to achieve, playing just as hard to enjoy
Accept who and what you are, tolerating even the flaws
You cannot change what is, but you can improve from within

Each breath you draw, each day you awaken
These are gifts to not take lightly
It is not through others that you achieve or succeed
But rather, in the belief, that you can prosper by who you have become

1 comment:

Johnny pate said...

Very nice analogy. Reminds me of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode where Minnie wants to throw the perfect picnic and everything that can go wrong does. Just when she is about ready to give up with a little encouragement from her friends that are able to pull it all together and have a wonderful time. Lesson learned "never give up on life".