Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not Forgotten

I gaze at charged grey clouds outside my windowpane
Wondering, questioning, where have all my companions gone?
The sky, as downhearted as my aura
So many gone; yet all so close to my heart.

Vibrant Carol with the dancing eyes
Sisters of the soul; forever linked in time.
So short your life; taken before your dance was done.
How great my grief; so many tears I’ve shed.

Stephen, you too have left a void.
You burned your candle much too fast.
Out went your light; darkness consumed your soul.
Knowing your fate; your fear nothing and dared all.

Mary, I feel you still shine somewhere
My other comrade; who laughed and loved without restraint.
Philosopher and healer; you walked this earth a free spirit
And disappeared like a rainbow after a storm.

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