Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Day to Give Thanks

In America we have Thanksgiving Day
To give thanks for a nation and freedoms
A day to celebrate friends near and away
A day to count blessings, our choices, and wisdom's

Wisdom's are the things passed to us over generations
Recipes, antidotes, stories that make us laugh and cry
Togetherness and memories made with affections
We discuss over telephones or over turkey and pie.

It is a day to recount how fortunate are country has grown
To give thanks for our neighbors, family and friends
To rejoice that we share a bond created on backbone
Honed from faith, strength, wisdom, bravery which time transcends

So to all I know from countries afar
Let me share this time to say thank you for being a part
From your past that adds substances to our own memoirs
I toast you who braved oceans; I truly thank you from my heart

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Baby Mine

You were delivered to me on stormy sea's
A tempest wild you tossed my day
With squalls of temper you inhaled life
My baby mine.

You said my name; I burst with pride
Took steps unsure on shaky legs
From crawl to run as wind tossed leaves
My baby mine.

First days of school, too old for kisses
Crayon sketches and hand print trays
One, three, ten and A, B, C's
My baby mine.

Cooties through cuddles you advanced through teens
Tears descend freely from Cupids bow
Conflict to confidence, I watched you grow
My baby mine.

College grad to wedding bells
You appoint your hallmark to lock your place
In a world you conquered with unyielding pride
My baby mine.

Now you bear your own bundle of fury
You rock and smile, coo and cuddle
May you nurture and rejoice each breath they take
But always, my baby mine!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Picnic of Living

Life was never meant to be a fairytale
But rather a copulation of incidents
That improves our knowledge base
By creating experiences to learn from

Life is more like a picnic
Good food, entertaining company
A soft blanket, sunshine and a cool breeze
Making a perfectly planned day to enjoy

But with each picnic a few blips must enter
No equation is precise when there are variables
Insects invade; ants swarm as well as bees
Flies in the fruit and sticks and stones beneath the rug

Then there is the picnic when nothing goes right
You brought the food but not the drinks
A storm brews over the lake blowing a cold breeze
Bringing with it a drenching downpour in its wake

Life is only what you make of each experience
Laugh in the face of adversity but cry when you must
Regroup when plans change or life takes a sudden dive
Plan for tomorrow but don’t forget today

Play in the rain when life sends you a storm
Study the flowers that entice the bees to roam
Clean away the sticks and stones that block your daily paths
Drink the wine of life that brings passions to your soul

Give freely of yourself but take time relax
Work hard to achieve, playing just as hard to enjoy
Accept who and what you are, tolerating even the flaws
You cannot change what is, but you can improve from within

Each breath you draw, each day you awaken
These are gifts to not take lightly
It is not through others that you achieve or succeed
But rather, in the belief, that you can prosper by who you have become

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not Forgotten

I gaze at charged grey clouds outside my windowpane
Wondering, questioning, where have all my companions gone?
The sky, as downhearted as my aura
So many gone; yet all so close to my heart.

Vibrant Carol with the dancing eyes
Sisters of the soul; forever linked in time.
So short your life; taken before your dance was done.
How great my grief; so many tears I’ve shed.

Stephen, you too have left a void.
You burned your candle much too fast.
Out went your light; darkness consumed your soul.
Knowing your fate; your fear nothing and dared all.

Mary, I feel you still shine somewhere
My other comrade; who laughed and loved without restraint.
Philosopher and healer; you walked this earth a free spirit
And disappeared like a rainbow after a storm.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Was It Ever Truly Mine?


I sit in the dark contemplating life’s complexities
Wondering why, if we are each given the gift of life
That we allow someone else the privilege
To control and dictate how we will live that life.
Weren’t they given their own to do with as they please?
Why then do they feel the need to have mine also?
Why do they feel that my very existence was put here to serve only them?
That without them, I would have no life at all.
At what point did I decide that it was ok for them to take it?
Was this a conscious decision on my part?
That my wishes and dreams counted for nothing,
That my needs and my opinions no longer mattered.
How many people will I give this power to in one lifetime?
There were my parents and my siblings while I lived at home.
Soon appeared the schools and the churches with their principled rules;
The bosses, the nuns and the occasional lover.
I then married; adding a husband, the kids and a dog.
Then the in-laws, the out-laws, the neighborhood broods
My children found partners and soon they had kids
And I lay here and I ponder; would I have a change a thing?