Monday, January 2, 2012

I Must Believe There is More

Rain falling; washing away the tracks of pain,
Steps I cannot feel as the cold winds invade,
Time has passed or has it stopped?
I care not; time no longer matters.

I want to see you one more time,
I want to feel your arms about me,
Feel the kiss you gently place upon my head,
Oh God, I just want to feel again.

Did I pass this block before or am I somewhere new?
A car honks as I step down off the curb,
I stop and stare but cannot see,
Tears blind me through the downpour.

How can death seem so final?
I want so badly to believe that you walk beside me.
It must be you blowing my hair gently,
Letting me know that you share my pain.

I can’t go on if there is nothing more.
I can’t wake each day and know I’ll never see you.
I must believe that there is another plain.
Where we will walk in sunshine, once again.

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