Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Dreams Unfold

Look out upon the day
Orange orb rising, erasing black
Streaks of red with smears of blue
Remnants of a waning moon

Breezes tease the leaves of green
Rabbits flirt within the shrubs
Opossum lumbers slowly home
Squirrels quarrel within the branches high

Oh precious day, what dreams unfold?
To grace this life; what presents bring?
A smile, a hug, a lovers kiss
Or just the gift of a life well lived.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Battlefields of Discontented Dreams

Another year has marched out of my life.
A crusading warrior making his way back home,
Leaving bloody battlefields in his wake.
Trampled valleys where dreams once stood.

In the beginning, the year tiptoed in,
Softly sprinkling crystallized wishes.
Ideas, floating like a fine dusting of snow,
Forming a light covering on my bed of anticipation.

In swept the Ides of Spring laden with promises.
Storms tossing my wants in a turbulent sea of needs.
I planted my seeds with the expectancy of progression,
Hoping to find nourishment for my battered soul.

Summer scorched a path through my life
Bringing passion and potential to my fertile soil
Growing, thriving, reaching for the budding of fulfillment
Hopes alive, green and fresh, standing tall against adversity.

Autumn flew in on the winds of a changeling,
Taking the abundance and leaving a barren field.
Stripped of optimism, I wander in the fields of despair,
Wondering where my footpath led me astray.

Yes wicked winter with your freezing rains.
You beat against me, leaving blisters in your wake.
But Spring will return, of this I am certain,
Bringing with it the possibilities of contentment.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween, a time to seek
All the goblins who dare to sneak
All the ghost's who choose to fly
All the werewolf's on the sly
To all the witches and their brews
Happy Halloween, to you and you and you

The Lady Awaits

The lady awaits her victim who
Dares land upon her web so true
At dusk the web is silver bright
To guild those victims in the night
Perchance you’ll drop in, it looks so inviting
Glisten dew looks so enticing
But touch her silk and she will beat your best
You will be her snack at your final rest.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lifes Lunacy

I feel the world a turning
Though my feet have left the ground
My head is in a whirlwind
Stress tumbles thoughts around

A hurricane’s a brewing
I can feel my sanity slip
As my world, it is careening
Vulnerable footing without a grip

Shall I nosedive to obscurity
Headlong into a dark abyss
My uncertainty is my downfall
Erratic madness is amiss

Shall I speed to catch a ride
On Earths traumatic spin
Or glide along to my own song
Standing still where time has been

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Baby Blue

Tonight I had to say goodbye to you
I cried as I held you, my baby Blue
Nine long years you shared our life
Through happiness and times of strife

I remember when we adopted you
You kissed my hand my baby Blue
We took you with us to share our home
From our lives you didn’t roam

You rarely spoke except to growl
At enemies upon the prowl
Yet you’d befriend the smallest kind
Rabbits, squirrels you didn’t mind

You shared your food with the birds that came
And shared your water just the same
You’d walk with me on summer days
And smiled at me for the slightest praise

You hated water that’s a fact
To a hose or a tub you would over react
But to a brush you would sit so still
A scratch on the belly gave you such a thrill

But old man the time had come
The tears have flowed until I’m numb
I said goodbye to our friendship true
I’ll miss you always, my baby Blue.