Monday, October 3, 2011

Childhood Fears

It lived in the toy box
It lived under the bed
It lived in the closet
And under the shed

It lived in the basement
All musty and dark
It lived in the hallway
It lived in the park
It lived under the bushes
That grew by the fence
It lived in the woods
Where the trees were so dense
It lived in the attic
Where old trunks were kept
It was stealth and quite sneaky
It attacked when I slept
Dad would come to my rescue
When I was afraid
He would check out the closets
He would close all the shades
He would leave on a night light
Outside of my room
He swept under the bed
With mom’s old battered broom
He would hug me and tell me
I was big and so brave
Then he’d yell at the boogie
And make it behave
So tonight I was called
To my little ones room
I smile as I walk in
To defeat boogies that loom

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fairyann said...

I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it,this poem especially,thanks for sharing