Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just a Kiss and a Promise

Popcorn clouds in a buttery sunrise
Melting away the darkness of a chocolate sky
Breathe in the scent of fresh mowed lawn
Generously powdered in morning frost

Apple crisp bite of an early dawn
Crunching as I walk, leaving imprints scattered
On a multicolored carpet of autumn leaves
Tracks soon covered by the shuffle of time.

Summers behind me, lazy days in the sun
Winter is beckoning, promising long cozy nights
Autumn refreshes, invigorates my senses
Just a playful kiss before the year is done.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tales of Magic

Peter Pan and Fairy dust
Neverland, where love means trust
Of Captain Hook’s who roam the sky
And little boys who never die.

I followed Alice in the hole
Don’t be late was my first goal
Cheshire cats who disappear
Eating mushrooms without fear.

Off to see a wizard and a witch
Flying houses toss and pitch
Lions, tigers, bears oh my
Flying monkey’s in the sky.

Childhood stories in the night
Tales of magic give a fright
Flash light tents and boogie men
Watch when grown; get scared again.