Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Left Dancing

As soon as I could feel you move
I knew that you could dance
We labored for a name for you
The distinction wasn't by chance

We bought you toys to fill your days
We bought you clothes and planned your room
We read you books and sang you songs
While you were still within my womb

Then cursed fates were meant to be
Your fluid home was washed away
And even though we wept and prayed
You were born to us that day

Heavens angels awaited you
You came into our world
Dancing to a tune only you could hear
My love for you unfurled

We named you Aiden Carter
Spitfire was your name
You fought a battle brave and true
But you lost it just the same.

You await us on the other side
A shoreline too far for us to see
Departed family holds you safe
Until our souls are also free

Dedicated to my son and daughter-in-law

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