Saturday, May 28, 2011

Patience is a Satisfying Virtue

“Yo Stanley, what we doin’ sitting in this big old dead tree?
“Watching what?”
“Just wait, you’ll see.”
“I don’t see nothin’ Stanley.”
“Shut up, George or you will scare it away.”
“It’s not that mean squirrel that chased us out of that tree last week is it?  I don’t think we can take him even if we do sneak up on him.  We don’t even have any leaves to hide behind in this tree.”
“No George it’s not the squirrel.  And I know this tree hasn’t any leaves.  That’s so I can sit way up here and see really far without leaves blocking my sight.”
“Aw Stanley, I’m bored.  Can’t we go into the field and eat some corn or chase some mice or something?”
“Go if you want, but I plan to stay here and wait.”
“I’ll wait too, if you will tell me what we are waiting for?”
“George, do you have to be so impatient?  Can’t you just wait and see?”
“Ok, Stanley.  I’ll wait for a little while but I am sure getting hungry.  Hey Stanley, did you see that dumb dog in that back yard yesterday.  Chased his tail until he got so tired he fell down.  Caw, ha!  I nearly fell off the roof laughing at him.”
“George, how many times do I have to tell you to be quiet?  If I miss this I’m going to be real angry with you.”
“Ok Stanley, I’ll just pace up and down this branch for awhile.”
“No you idiot.  If you paced back and forth, it will see your shadow and you will scare it away.  Just sit still will you!”
“What now George?”
“I have to pee.”
“I thought you said you did that before we left the nest this morning?”
“I lied.  But I really do need to pee now.”
“Well for goodness sakes don’t do it here!  I swear George; you have a brain the size of a grain of sand.  Carefully move to the back of the tree and squat.”
“Here in this dead tree?  Not in your life Stanley!  What if LuLu comes by and sees me! There are no leaves on this tree.”
“Oh for Pete’s sake George!  No one’s watching.  Do you see another living soul anywhere around this place?”
“Well no, but they might fly by and decide to stop.  Nope, I can’t do it here.”
“Well leave then!  I don’t know why I bother with you some times.”
Hey Stanley?  You gonna be ok while I’m gone.”
“George if you are still here one minute from now I’m going to drill a hole in that skull of yours with my beak.”
“Well that wasn’t very nice at all Stanley.  I was just worried about you.  I thought you might get lonely or scared.  Ok, ok, I’m leaving Stanley.  You don’t have to ruffle you feathers at me that way.  Well, I guess I’ll catch up with you later at the watering hole.”  With that George flew away.
A moment later, Stanley’s patience finally paid off.  Just below the dead tree was the prize he had been waiting for since before dawn.
The moral of the story you ask?  The early bird always gets the worm.
Stanley flew away with a very satisfied grin on his face.  And he didn’t even have to share.

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