Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Communion with Dawn

In the stillness of the early morn
When nature shakes off the remnants of slumber
Leaves stretching, flowers opening
I sit quietly with my cup of tea in reflection.
Gazing at the first visages of dawn
As the sun lazily climbs into the heavens
Gradually dressing the day in a kaleidoscope of hues
Huddling a bit deeper into the quilt I have wrapped about me.
Oh quiet morn what blessing will you bestow today?
A gentle shower, a warm caress?
Or will passion shatter us from our doldrums,
Enveloping fury of an unleashed tempest.
Communion with nature, I tune into earths heartbeat
Thundering through my blood, rejuvenating my soul
I rise and salute you in prayer and thanksgiving
Calmer from the spiritual union of birthing a new day.

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