Sunday, April 10, 2011

Insignia of my Psyche

The complexity of my mind
is a kaleidoscope of colors,
blending together with my moods,
melting with my personality.

In the state of darkness,
the murky browns and grays
swirl like a fog,
encroaching on solitude

Happiness explodes in a rainbow
of bright hues and illumination,
vivid and rich in their depths,
bursting forth across the vast horizon.

Anger beats in pools of red,
pulsing to a beat that pounds within.
Graphic splices slashing across the canvas.
Drums beating, pounding, with tempos rising.

Passion breathes in deep purples.
Magenta draws swords against indigo.
Saturation’s of sensations,
dissipating into midnight blue of release.

Serenity blossoms within orchards of green
Lime to Olive; Celadon to Sea
Flowing, drifting, soothing
Melting into a pool of contentment.

Oh spectrum of lights and shades
how you fulfill me.
Desires that form substance under your artistic palette,
absorb then scatter, reflecting my inner energies.

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