Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lost Dreams

If I were a bird
Through the sky I would soar
Looking down on the earth
‘Cross the mountains and moor

As a horse I’d run free
‘Cross the rivers and plains
Cover pastures of clover
Until the sun starts to wane

As a fish I would travel
Through lakes or the sea
Seek out coral and caverns
But from hooks I would flee

As a tiger I’d stalk
Through the jungle with ease
Swim in rivers, chase game
Even climb in the trees

But as man I can travel
To experience the thrill
From the air to the sea
‘Cross the valleys and hill

We can hunt, we can fly
Man can travel through seas
We can swim in the rivers
Or climb in the trees.

But our dream is to travel
To fly or to swim
To live off the land
To exist on a whim

Unlike nature, we’re structured
To our daily strife
To build and achieve
But to exist in this life

Where is the freedom?
Where are the joys?
What happened to visions,
Of the girls and the boys?

Like the wind they have blown
Disappears like the tide
Leaving strife and what ifs
If I only had tried.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Night Tantrums

Daylight holds back the twilight
Like a petulant child
Not wanting to go to bed.

Earth's nightlight glows at dusk
Sunset ebbs and flows colors
Casting a quilt of tranquility.

Clouds of blueberry line the skyline
Laced caps of receding light
Nature exhales as the child falls asleep.