Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Baby Mine

You were delivered to me on stormy sea's
A tempest wild you tossed my day
With squalls of temper you inhaled life
My baby mine.

You said my name; I burst with pride
Took steps unsure on shaky legs
From crawl to run as wind tossed leaves
My baby mine.

First days of school, too old for kisses
Crayon sketches and hand print trays
One, three, ten and A, B, C's
My baby mine.

Cooties through cuddles you advanced through teens
Tears descend freely from Cupids bow
Conflict to confidence, I watched you grow
My baby mine.

College grad to wedding bells
You appoint your hallmark to lock your place
In a world you conquered with unyielding pride
My baby mine.

Now you bear your own bundle of fury
You rock and smile, coo and cuddle
May you nurture and rejoice each breath they take
But always, my baby mine!

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