Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Day to Give Thanks

In America we have Thanksgiving Day
To give thanks for a nation and freedoms
A day to celebrate friends near and away
A day to count blessings, our choices, and wisdom's

Wisdom's are the things passed to us over generations
Recipes, antidotes, stories that make us laugh and cry
Togetherness and memories made with affections
We discuss over telephones or over turkey and pie.

It is a day to recount how fortunate are country has grown
To give thanks for our neighbors, family and friends
To rejoice that we share a bond created on backbone
Honed from faith, strength, wisdom, bravery which time transcends

So to all I know from countries afar
Let me share this time to say thank you for being a part
From your past that adds substances to our own memoirs
I toast you who braved oceans; I truly thank you from my heart

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