Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life's Reflections

The water ebbs and flows
Washing the sand from her feet
Then replacing it with more

She gazes at a shell
She picked up on the beach
Pinks and greys marbled throughout

One side rough and haggard
Bumps of time and trauma beaten
Toughen shell to protect the heart within

Inner shell a glossy gem
Smooth and polished to guard the soul
That once nestled between two perfect halves

What fate befell this creature of the sea
Wrenching it from the bosom of the silt
Taking from it that which it was born to house?

Contemplating life, she gazes at her reflection
Her outer shell, aged and weathered
Guarding a soft yet youthful soul

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mock Facade

What is life but a mascaraed?
Of secret faces with babbles of shame
Of mime faces with painted on tears
With drawn smiles to hide the blame.

What is life but a parade of clowns?
White paint faces and upturned smiles
Laughter fake as the daisy pinned
Spots of colors to hide my guile's

What is life but the jokes of man?
To make fun of others to mask our pain
To tease, to fun, to play the fool
From all the folly, where’s the gain?

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Laughter, to lighten our daily burdens
Insight, to seek the path that is most fulfilling
Faith, in God, family and self
Enjoyment, in the day to day blessings
Togetherness, a sense of belonging to friends and community
Intelligence, to be inquisitive and to question why
Memories, to warm us when life seems cold
Expectation, to grow and blossom