Monday, April 23, 2012

Restless Mind in the Darkness

Night creeps in, encroaching on my soul
Another sleepless evening with my mind overwrought
With what ifs and when can I’s which never seem to pan out
As a tear trickles, to mingle with the tangles in my hair.

The pillows bunched and the sheets asunder
Twisted clothes with twisted dreams
That feed into my neurosis
Adding fuel to an already restless eve.

Where are the flowers and dreams filled with laughter?
When will the peace return to sate my heart?
Let me lie beneath the streams of faded gladness
And repose as a child in fields of golden sunlight.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Angel Sighs


Whispers in the blue bonnets, blending in the evening breeze
Blowing cottonwood on currents cooled by nights approach
Whispers in the leaves as they dance across the rye grass
Swirling, dipping to the music of an early fall.

Whispers of angels past, who once played here
Chasing sunbeams as they fade into the shadows
Laughter scarcely heard in the rustle of the branches
Angels frolicking in the cedars; chasing bygone dreams.

Children once graced this field of clovers,
Rainbow shorts and ribboned pony tails
Chasing fireflies, with jars for lanterns
Shouting catch me, if you can.

Vacant fields where joy had once resounded
Empty lots with empty swings
Now just whispers in our memories
Murmurs found in baby angel sighs.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Updated Blog

I updated the blog with pages that organize my stories better.  Hope everyone likes the changes!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Illuminating Companionship

I encircle myself with friends, who bemuse but still amuse me,
Who stimulate and stir my imagination,
Whose very existence adds to my life’s essence;
Choosing to eliminate those who disturb my aura.

I prefer to avail myself of only those
Who barge into my life, full of vim and vigor.
Ready to slay dragons or soar on angel wings,
Saving rainforests or kittens trapped in trees.

I am elated to be part of camaraderie
Whose totality is comprised of love and goodwill,
Where freedom is a blessing as well as a choice,
Refusing to fathom a life devoid of such motivated stimuli.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Windows of the Soul

She watches mist settle,
Engulfing the cottage in a mystic softness
Her glow the only presence in an empty room.

Walking deserted spaces, they once called home
Waiting patiently for his return
From a war in which he was called to serve.

Abandoned, she walks the hallways
Haunting residences who dare to intrude
In the house, she claims as forever hers.

The cottage lays empty except for the bride
The sounds of laments as she stares out divided panes
Gazing down the road where he once rode away.

Another woman walks, assessing the quaint cottage
She rubs her arms as cold permeates
The current mistress bars her way.