Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vines of Smoke

Vines of smoke snake stealthily through the night
An old crone sits, stoking the fire
Standing bent, she chants beside a stream
Her clothes are layers of black attire

A cauldron sits upon the coals
Steam dances and churns, mingling with the breeze
Carrying curses on the wind
Smoke her messenger slinking covertly through the trees

The town had cast her out that day
With stones and sticks, they banished her
So on this eve she casts her spell
With the scent of candy, she propels her lure

One by one the children, like specters came
The town folk slept as she enticed each one
Into a cave, she seals each progeny
Every daughter child and first-born son

The town awakes to find them gone
They searched the woods and streams complete
Darkness falls but no child be found
Their generations now deplete

Legend says the town just moved away
And to this day a sweet cloying smell remains
The smoke still creeps like vines that choke
Never cleansed by pouring rains

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day is Our Life

Life dawns like sunrise
Soft pinks and blues against the black from which it came
Sudden burst of light stretching fingers and toes to a new day.
Receiving blankets of fluffy white
Soft breezes, from Mother Earth, kiss the cheeks of a brand new day.
Spread your wings and announce our new life for we are blessed!
Rustle the name through the leaves, over fields and hills
Blow strong over the oceans
Grow tall from sapling to a mighty oak
Early morning of our life is for bountiful energy and spunk
Splashing and running, carrying treasures to unknown banks afar.
Frolicking from tree to tree chasing the cottonwood seeds

Then approached the noon of our lives
A time to pause; to partake of nourishment from our hearts and minds
Lying in fields of bluebonnets and pink poppies
Nestled in beds of paint brush and purple clover
Revel in your time for it is short!
The hours roll by, to a cool afternoon breeze.
Blow softly for the afternoon is mellow
The lake lays still; no ripples in its tranquility.
Comfort years of life taking an afternoon siesta
Bask in the sun; remember the morning.
Early hours well spent exploring.
Places where you once played buccaneer,
Shrubs that just this morning hid fortresses
Now each picturesque against a landscape of Kentucky Blue

Too soon Dusk arrives on a charcoal gray charger
Thundering its arrival in the swirl of gluttonous clouds
Chasing you, you seek shelter under the weeping willows
Water rushes in a swirl of memories
Rippling creeks to still waters
The hills no longer beckon
They no longer hold the fascination of an earlier time.
Darkness blankets the earth
Your sit and watch the light show in the sky.
The sun no longer shines through the down pour of tears.
You reminisce
It was a good day, your life!
From the sunrise to your sunset.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Deluge of Despondency

Rain pounding my soul in torrents

Feelings of despair overwhelming
A band around my heart restricting flow
Non-existent love in a world deplete of compassion
Harried existence to a futile end of unacknowledged achievements
A specter in the streets of humanity
Can you see me, hear me, touch me?
I cry alone but I cry for all.
Despair pounding my soul in torrents