Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn's Expectation

Eggs whites strew across the evening sky, anticipating rain
Brown fluff interspersed with white, folding across the horizon
Hints of orange ribbon bleeding through the gaps of blue
Grey smudged along the edges, like a painter’s afterthought

Cool breeze caressing my hair like a lover
Finger combing it off my shoulder to expose my neck
Leprechauns leap beneath leaves dancing across my path
Faerie torches speckling darkness like dots before my eyes

I walk in solitude drinking in the smells of autumn
Fall approaches me like a forgotten friend
First hints of raindrops kiss my eyelids
I raise my face gladly welcoming her bequest

Summer is put to bed; contained deep within earth’s bosom
Nestled inside the heartbeat of yesterdays blessings
Tomorrow is soon enough to wear my mittens
Today I want to dance freely to the melody of change

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