Monday, September 19, 2011

My Lake of Life

I gaze upon my lake of life
From shallows of my daily tasks
To deep still water of my dreams
Coves of havens, safe from strife.
When waves roll in, I ride each one
Through choppy grief that engulfs my soul
I know your love will hold me up
To see me safe to beaches calm.
Storms blow through life with wings of passion
They bend my branches and wash my shores
Southern winds to warm my thoughts
Arrives with drenching rains to cleanse my tears.
A breeze to tickle and lighten my heart
A summer song to warm my moods
A lively jig from sun-kissed rainbows
Of coral blues with hints of pink and gold.
At night, the stars reflect the solace
Mirror pools of blues and black
The quiet ripples at peace with nature
My lake of life at total rest.

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