Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Childhood Treasures

Awash in a dream filled sleep content
I wandered streets of childhood spent
Playing games with ball and jacks
Exploring woods and railroad tracks
Cops and robbers; you've been caught
Penny candy could be bought
Slay the dragons; do be brave
Shirley Temple's curly wave
Hop Scotch drawn on streets with chalk
Find some water; skip a rock
Neighbor friends who'd play all day
Now all grown; they've gone away.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Beckons Me Back

Paddling through on a warm summer day
Reeds sway in the deep waters green
Quiet, mirror reflections mimic my thoughts

Frogs on a Lilly pad croak a hello
Dragonflies cause ripples as they dip to the surface
Lone bass leaps, gleaming scales in the sunlight.

I wish I had my fishing pole
This special place to drop my line
But alas this trip is a scenic one.

I’ll mark this cove for another day
When I’ll return prepared to bait my hook
For now, I’ll dream of the one that got away.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hard Life, Well Spent

Cowboys herdin’ cattle cross dusty trails
Sandy hooves paint ground fog in their wake
Shuffling along swattin’ flies off molty hides
Riders amble aside keeping eye on their stake

Chuck wagon camps, setting up by a creek
Beans and pan bread cookin’ over hot stones
Coffee’s meandering aroma penetrates the air
Greeting men carrying saddles over tired bones

Ranch hands scout the waters nearby
Look to the sky to judge the night
Storms a comin’ as night encroaches
Coyotes restless, cries rent last light

Cattle dogs alert to changes
Nip the heels of stragglin’ calves
Cowhand slaps his rope while coaxing
Blistered hands and lips in need of salves

Cowhands sing to calm their charges
Bedrolls gathered near the fire
Dreaming of a trail once taken
And of their loves as they retire