Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dreams Dissipate

Staring into java, contemplating life’s journey in the murky swirl of cream
Blowing ripples, as steam breathes life into foggy recesses
Clearing cobwebs, allowing thoughts to clarify as day begins.

Taking a sip, a sigh escapes as I lean back into masses of pillows
Eyes closed, I listen to the ticking from my antique clock in the hall
A bong alerts me; my time is at a premium.

Sunlight peaks beneath the blinds and sneaks into my room
Chasing shadows and dreams back into the closet to await the night
As I finish the last of my elixir, stretching, uncovering from my cocoon.

Padding to the mirror, I stare back at the stranger I have become
My dreams of being an artist, splattered like slashes across a canvas
Replaced by a lab coat, calculations, stats and calibrations.

1 comment:

Boris said...

There's a rather sad sense of resignation to one's lot in life in this poem.It doesn't have to be like that, of course, but I can certainly understand that sometimes it seems overwhelmingly daunting to fundamentally change one's life and follow one's dreams!